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Photos of events, people, and buildings in Lemoore.

Random photos of events, buildings, people in Lemoore.

Main Street, Visalia, California, in the flood of 1955-56. Pictured are Tom's furniture store, and the Lucky Auto Supply Store, on the corner of Main and Garden Streets. In the background are the Grand Theater and (on the corner of Main and Church…

Wells Fargo & Co's Express office was located on the southeast corner of Main and Locust streets in Visalia, CA. Pictured are Zane Steuben and Mary A.E. Blake.

Robert Baker built the Baker Block building in 1892. There was a carriage shed in the back of the building on the alley that the Fire Department used to store their equipment.

Picture of the dam construction on the Big Creek-San Joaquin River hydroelectric development on the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. The card is postmarked at Big Creek, California on 31 November 1912 meaning this is probably one of…

Located at an elevation of 4,819 feet at the town of Big Creek, California, this is the first power house on the Big Creek Project to be placed on commerical operation. Generators powered by water falling from Huntington Lake Reservoir, providing…

A 1920's Fresno street scene viewed from the corner of Van Ness and Tulare. To the right is the U.S. Post Office with the Patterson Block further up the street. The tall building in the background is the Bank of Italy building, constructed in 1918 at…
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