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Robert Baker built the Baker Block building in 1892. There was a carriage shed in the back of the building on the alley that the Fire Department used to store their equipment.

Group of school children in front of the Morton Street School in Porterville, Ca.

Shell Gas Station on the northwest corner of Olive Avenue and Main Street.

Members of the Porterville City Band are on top of the Van Doorman Stump. The stump was cut into pieces for transportation to the World's Fair. Because it was in pieces it was discounted as a fake.

Several people in the intersection of Putnam Avenue and Main Street in front of Claubes Drug Store, waiting for the races to begin.

Several people in the intersection of Main Street and Putnam Avenue in front of Claubes Drug Store watching the 1922 Armistice Day Auto Race down Main Street in Porterville, California.

1922 Armistice Day Parade in Porterville, California. Two cars racing around the corner of Main Street and Oak Street. Several people on the sidewalks watching. Jones Hardware Store on the left side of the picture.

1922 Armistice Day Parade in Porterville, California. Three automobiles at the start line of the race. Several people crowded around the cars

Truck with Turbine Pumps on the back as part of the 1922 Armistice Day Parade on Main Street of Porterville, California.

Pioneer Hotel on Main Street in Porterville, California with 7 men standing in front.
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