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Robert I. Bruce
Portrait of Robert I. Bruce (1895-1924) as a young boy, standing indoors, holding a stringed instrument.

Azelia Van Campen Bruce
Portrait of Azelia Van Campen Bruce (1850-1918) seated, wearing dark suit and patterned blouse; wife of Albert O. Bruce.

Jeanie Bruce Washburn
Portrait of Jeanie Bruce Washburn as a young girl, daughter of Henry Washburn and Jean Bruce Washburn.

Charles Bruce, Justice of the Peace
Portrait of Charles Bruce (1816-1880) Mariposa Justice of the Peace, 1860s-1870s.

Albert O. Bruce
Portrait of Albert O. Bruce (1837-1911) mining engineer and Wawona homesteader.

Charles Bruce
Portrait of Charles Bruce (1816-1880) who along with son built the Wawona Hotel and covered bridge at Wawona; Justice of the Peace in Mariposa, 1860s-1870s.

Harriet H. Bruce, circa 1904
Oval portrait of Harriet H. Bruce (1884-1969) at about age 20; wearing white dress and hair ribbon.

Harriet H. Bruce
Oval portrait of Harriet H. Bruce (1884-1969) at about age 10; seated, wearing dark dress.

Aziel Barnes Van Campen
Portrait of Aziel Barnes Van Campen, Wawona homesteader; blacksmith in Raymond, Calif., and Plainsburg, Calif.

Bruce children, circa 1898
Portrait of five Bruce children, standing outdoors, circa 1898; left to right, William, Jeanette, Robert, Edward, Harriet.