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Harry Nagata's family

Four generations of Harry Nagata's family are pictured in front of the "Lindsay Olive." Harry (in the wheel chair) was 80 at the time of the photo. Bill (?) Ishida's father purchased land in Harry's name to avoid the Alien Land Act.

Clover Nagata

Young Clover Nagata is posed with a hoe, ready to begin gardening.


William Nagata and his Harley Davidson motorcycle

William Nagata standing beside his Harley Davidson motorcycle in 1956.

Three Nagata children in an orange grove near Lemon Cove, California

Three children in an orange grove near Lemon Cove, California. Included in this 1911 photo are Harry and Milton Nagata.

Abe family

Abe family is pictured (left to right): Lily Abe Nagata, Franklin Kazuichi Abe; Mary Akiko Abe Sakaguchi, Kenji Abe, Shigeko Abe, Alice Masako, and Mollie Abe Osato.


Abe family photo

Members of the Abe family pictured are (left to right): Mary Aloe Sakaguchi, Mollie Fukuko Abe Osato, Franklin Kazuichi Abe, Lily Aloe Nagata, and Alice Abe Kurihara.