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Daisy Joe Fung is standing on the running board of a touring car. The photo was taken at the Tagus Ranch in 1917. Also pictured is an early Caterpillar tractor.

Man on tractor pulling rig designed to spray pesticide on fields to kill mosquitoes; in front of Mosquito Abatement District shed


Chester Avenue in front of Austin Foster Stoner's farm implement store. Austin Foster Stoner is in center of photo, with arm on tractor. Beale Memorial Clock Tower is in background. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan, great-granddaughter of Austin…

Two tractors in field with workers and men in suits.

Crew on iron-wheeled C.L. Best tractor.

Crew on iron-wheeled tractor. Smoke coming from stack.

Exterior of Cousins Tractor Company, and Cousins-Howland Auto Company, originally the Imperial Garage, later became Davies Machinery. Building on 7th Street was converted to furniture store which burned down in 2001.
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