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Parade in downtown Bakersfield, showing participants in costumes from 19th-century Old West

Parade through downtown Bakersfield, showing rider in Native American headdress carrying American flag, with other horses and riders; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

Parade in downtown Bakersfield at time of World War II, showing men in uniform marching at Eye Street, looking North from 17th Street

Victory parade after World War II, showing men in uniform going past Strauss', Kirby's, and Leed's places of business; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

one of Delano's police cars is shown during the Harvest Holidays parade; a marching band is visible in the background behind the car

LeRoy Jackson, wearing top hat, drives vintage car in Delano's Harvest Holidays parade; passengers in car are unidentified; Jackson served as a Kern County Supervisor 1964-1977

Congressman Bob Mathias, whose area of service included Delano, rides in vintage automobile in the Harvest Holidays parade; driver is unidentified

The members of Delano's City Council appear in the Harvest Holidays parade, riding in a vintage automobile; Helen Cole, Delano's first woman councilmember, is just visible in the center, wearing a big hat

float titled "Filipino Pioneers of Delano and vicinity" passing an insurance office in parade

Cotton is King Festival parade along Chester Avenue. Wasco's float is square white vehicle at left center. Hotel Manchester is last building on right side of street;Grand Hotel is two buildings to the right. A drug store is on left side of street. A…
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