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Girls on a float in the rodeo parade (ca.1939) in Visalia, California, are dressed in traditional Japanese clothing.

Joe family portrait taken in Tulare, California in 1913. Pictured are (left to right): Mary Joe, Jennie Joe Wong, Ling Joe, and baby Yow Joe. Family is in traditional dress.

Shows street of downtown Bakersfield, with pedestrians and various shops; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

Viola Stoner (daughter of Austin Foster Stoner) is in middle front row, in white dress. Viola Stoner is the grandmother of Gaye Lenahan, who donated several family pictures of the Stoner family.

House on L Street. Front row: Arthur Raine, Barbara McGinn, Frances Rogers, Wanda Rankin, Gene Helbling, Patricia Colby, Mariella Laidley (daughter of Viola Stoner Laidley & William Laidley), Marian Williams. Kneeling, behind front row: Frederickā€¦

Leffler Bequette Miller, born May 30 1895, with other children celebrating his birthday.House, and horse and wagon, visible in background.

Oildale's Business & Professional Women's club charged $1.50 per person for a Country Store fund-raising event; the event included prizes, old time dancing, square dancing, entertainment, and supper; held at Veteran's Memorial Hall on Norrisā€¦

Caption on back of picture: 1938-1939, Glenn Burd's mother, Hotel Lebec, 1928 car

Shows Margaret Newman, who worked at Kern County Library until 1921, writing at a desk, with card catalog in background at left; exact branch location unknown. Photograph caption: Miss Newman, Branch Head--Headquarters, 1920?

Shows Lola Lightner Fry (born 1893), who later married Floyd Busby; mother of Jack Busby, who was born in 1915.
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