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Belleview Market

Belleview Market on the southwest corner of Belleview Street and Palm Street in Porterville, California.

Bice Motors

Bice Motors Plymouth and DeSoto Auto Dealership on the southeast corner of Main Street and Thurman Street in Porterville, California.

Ekman's Jewelers & Bremler's Mens Clothing

Ekman's Jeweler's and Bremler's Mens Clothing stores on the northwest corner of Main Street and Oak Street in Porterville, California.

Bank of America

Bank of America on the southeast corner of Main Street and Mill Street in Porterville, California.

American Legion Building

The American Legion Building in Porterville, California

Jim and Cooley Niles

Jim and Cooley Niles in their buggy on 4th Street between Mill Street and Oak Street. Mill Street School is in the background.

1910 Porterville Baseball Team

1910 Porterville Baseball Team. Some of their names are: Loyd, Claubes, Graham, Murry and Futrell.

1922 Armistice Day Parade

WOW Float in 1922 Armistice Day Parade. Bobeldyk Bakery and Restaurant in the background.

Flood of 1950

Bill's Service Station & Market west of Porterville near the Porter Slough half under water from the flood of November 1950.