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David Chan in the market in Farmersville

David Chan at the cash register of Chan's Food Center in Farmersville, California.

Victor Chan and Deming Leong

Victor Chan and employee Deming Leong sit on the market truck in front of Chan Brothers Market during the 1955 flood. The market was located at 115 North Locust Street, Visalia, California.

Ekman's Jewelers & Bremler's Mens Clothing

Ekman's Jeweler's and Bremler's Mens Clothing stores on the northwest corner of Main Street and Oak Street in Porterville, California.

West on 19th Street from K Street

Shows street of downtown Bakersfield, with pedestrians and various shops; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

Wasco Theater, with other businesses

View of Wasco, including Wasco Theater, a drug store, and a Chinese restaurant

Varrey Bargain Center

South Union Avenue, showing Varrey Bargain Center and various vehicles

Town of Midland, California

View of Midland, which was 13 miles South of McKittrick; Holmes Supply Company is at left in foreground. The picture also shows a boiler plant and a small barn for buggies. The group of shade trees in the background at right mark the location of theā€¦

Town and Country Market after 1952 Kern County earthquake

Town and Country market, probably in Tehachapi, after 1952 Kern county earthquake

Southeast corner of 19th Street and Chester Avenue

View of downtown Bakersfield; from collection of Harlan Curnow