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Left to right: Reginald "Reg," Stoner, born 1889, Lorraine "Lefty" Stoner, born 1890, sons of Austin Foster Stoner; also date palms and umbrella trees in front of courthouse. Fence is made of iron chain and brick. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan,…

Mariella Laidley, age 7, is in front row, fifth from left, wearing plaid dress. Mariella was the daughter of Bakersfield lawyer William W. Laidley and Viola Stoner Laidley. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan, daughter of Mariella Laidley.

Shows Lola Lightner Fry (born 1893), who later married Floyd Busby; mother of Jack Busby, who was born in 1915.

Left to right: George Whitaker, attorney; Austin Foster Stoner (1862-1915); Mr. Herpel. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan, great-granddaughter of Austin Foster Stoner.

Depicts Frederick Lee Minter, born 1949, son of Vera Minter, dressed in stylized American Indian costume, with toy wagon

Top row, left to right: Miss Hughes, stenographer, and Irma Cook, Assistant. Middle row: H.H. Wilson, bookkeeper; William W. Laidley, clerk (later became a lawyer, married Viola Stoner in 1907); unknown; Harry D. Headen, Cost Clerk. Front row: H.…

Front of picture labeled " me and my pal 'Dick,' " with full surnames included on back of photo. Several signs visible in store window behind the men.
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