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Daisy Joe Fung (front) and others pose in front of the Joe family's Shanghai Cafe in the 200 block of South K Street in Tulare, California.

Mary Joe (Mrs. Ling Joe) is behind the counter of Mary Joe's Cafe, 340 "K" Street, Tulare, California. Photo was taken in 1933.

Mary Joe's Cafe, 340 South "K" Street, Tulare, California. Photo was taken May 5, 1933.

Restaurant workers, members of Ling Joe's family, are pictured in Ling Joe's Pioneer Cafe on south "J" Street in Tulare, California.

The Shanghai Cafe, 243 South "K" Street in Tulare, California, was owned and operated by Ling and Mary Joe from 1914 to 1925.
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