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Daisy Joe Fung at her 100th birthday party

Daisy Joe Fung celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends on November 25, 1995. Pictured with her is her niece, Jan, eldest daughter of her older sister, Jennie Joe Wong.

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Wedding photo of Ling and Mary Joe

Ling and Mary Joe pose for their wedding photo in 1888. The photo was taken in Tulare, Califoria, where Ling Joe first settled in 1886. He opened a small restaurant in the 100 block of East Tulare Avenue. Chan Sing Toy was a picture bride who becameā€¦

Daisy Joe Fung in old Chinatown in Tulare, California

Daisy Joe Fung at the wheel of a touring car in old Chinatown in Tulare, California.

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Daisy Joe Fung at Tagus Ranch

Daisy Joe Fung is standing on the running board of a touring car. The photo was taken at the Tagus Ranch in 1917. Also pictured is an early Caterpillar tractor.

James and Jennie Wong and daughter

James Quan Wong and wife, Jennie Joe Wong, in China. With them is one of their daughters (unidentified here).

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Jennie Joe Wong in China

A portrait of two ladies in China. Jennie Joe Wong is seated on the right.

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Nunn Reva Joe, Rosie Moey Yuen, Minnie Wang, Daisy Yow and Mabel Wong

A group of friends in 1914. Pictured are: (left to right) Minnie Wang, Nunn Reva Joe, Rosie Moey Joe, Daisy Yow, and Mable Wong.


Mary Joe's Cafe, Tulare, California

Mary Joe's Cafe, 340 South "K" Street, Tulare, California. Photo was taken May 5, 1933.

Mary Joe in Mary Joe's Cafe, Tulare, California

Mary Joe (Mrs. Ling Joe) is behind the counter of Mary Joe's Cafe, 340 "K" Street, Tulare, California. Photo was taken in 1933.

Shanghai Cafe, Tulare, California

The Shanghai Cafe, 243 South "K" Street in Tulare, California, was owned and operated by Ling and Mary Joe from 1914 to 1925.