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Yoshikazu Morioka, pictured in the front row far left, poses with members of the Tulare, California, "Cottonwood" baseball team. The team's manager, S. G. Sakamoto, is seen at the far left of the top row.

Daisy Joe Fung at the wheel of a touring car in old Chinatown in Tulare, California.

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Mary Joe's Cafe, 340 South "K" Street, Tulare, California. Photo was taken May 5, 1933.

Mary Joe (Mrs. Ling Joe) is behind the counter of Mary Joe's Cafe, 340 "K" Street, Tulare, California. Photo was taken in 1933.

The Shanghai Cafe, 243 South "K" Street in Tulare, California, was owned and operated by Ling and Mary Joe from 1914 to 1925.

Daisy Joe Fung posed in Chinese dress after serving tea at the Tulare Women's Club in honor of Madame Chiang Kai-Shek.

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Yow Joe and George Challing are posed in front of the Yow Lee & Co. General Merchandise store at 241 South K Street in Tulare, California. The store sold Chinese and Japanese "fancy goods" and also served as an employment agency.

Joe family portrait taken in Tulare, California in 1913. Pictured are (left to right): Mary Joe, Jennie Joe Wong, Ling Joe, and baby Yow Joe. Family is in traditional dress.

The Joe family posed in front of Mary Joe's Cafe in Tulare, California. Pictured are (left to right): Mary (Mrs. Ling Joe), Yow Joe, Yow Joe's son David, Bing, the chef, and Wing (son of Jennie Joe Wong).

Two Tulare, CA, residents pose in front of the Yow Lee & Co. store. The store featured general merchandise, as well as Chinese and Japanese fancy goods.
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