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This July, 1975 photo shows the 1964 model bookmobile utilized by the Tulare County Library System, operating out of Visalia, CA. The driver was Wandalee Gipson, with Charlotte Steward being the substitute.

Kern County Library's School Department staff, left to right: Frances Gish (head of School Department), Helen Fauskin, Claudine Powers

Children, with adult, beside bookmobile stopping at Red Rock School

The library had just obtained permission from Sears' manager, Willard C. Myers, to allow space for a bookmobile stop; the manager wanted a picture of the Bookmobile, for a display. He is shown in the picture.

Kern County Library Bookmobile

(From left to right): Vance Webb, Eleanor Wilson, and John Holt in the Library's new traveling branch.
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