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Paternal grandfather of Lori Chan

Grandfather of Lori Chan. The photo was taken in China in the mid-1800s.

Family of Wong-She Gong

Pictured are the wife of Wong-She Gong's brother (center), her son and daughter-in-law. The photo may have been taken in China about 1930.

James and Jennie Wong and daughter

James Quan Wong and wife, Jennie Joe Wong, in China. With them is one of their daughters (unidentified here).

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Jennie Joe Wong in China

A portrait of two ladies in China. Jennie Joe Wong is seated on the right.

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Jennie Joe Wong in China

Jennie Joe Wong is posed in a professional portrait taken in China.

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Chan family in Canton, China

Chan family group. Photo was taken in Canton, China, in November 1921. First row (left to right): Barbara Chan, Yip Shee, Ow Yang Shee, Wai Shee, Loretta Chan, Chang Hing Jun, Richard Chan, and You Choy. Second row: Yoke Chan, Gay Chan, David Chan…