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Grandfather of Lori Chan. The photo was taken in China in the mid-1800s.

Pictured are the wife of Wong-She Gong's brother (center), her son and daughter-in-law. The photo may have been taken in China about 1930.

James Quan Wong and wife, Jennie Joe Wong, in China. With them is one of their daughters (unidentified here).

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A portrait of two ladies in China. Jennie Joe Wong is seated on the right.

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Jennie Joe Wong is posed in a professional portrait taken in China.

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Chan family group. Photo was taken in Canton, China, in November 1921. First row (left to right): Barbara Chan, Yip Shee, Ow Yang Shee, Wai Shee, Loretta Chan, Chang Hing Jun, Richard Chan, and You Choy. Second row: Yoke Chan, Gay Chan, David Chan…
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