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Ora Gong and Bill Kee

This 1940 photo of Ora Gong and Bill Kee was taken in Roeding Park, Fresno, California, about 1940.

Family of Wong-She Gong

Pictured are the wife of Wong-She Gong's brother (center), her son and daughter-in-law. The photo may have been taken in China about 1930.

Harry Gong and Lincoln School Traffic Squad, Fresno, California

The traffic squad of Lincoln Elementary School in Fresno, California. Harry Gong is pictured standing in the first row, third from the right.

World War II Bond Drive Shangri La Queen, Visalia, Calif.

Louise Gong, a Visalia, CA, resident, was the Shangri La Queen for that city's 4th of July bond drive in 1943.