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Douty and Seventh Streets, Hanford

Looking north on Douty Street with cars parked at curbs. Fire station bell tower on right, center of block.

Firefighting, The Old and The New, Hanford Fire Department

Men with horse-drawn fire wagon and fire truck in front of Hanford Fire Department on Douty Street. Partial list of identifications on photo

Hanford Fire Department

Men and truck in front of station on Douty Street, Names on photo.

Landis Meat Market in Hanford

Meat cutter Arthur Moore with "Largest hog ever butchered in Kings County and --- bear killed by Emmitt Ford."

Episcopal Church at Douty and Third Streets, Hanford

Small frame church. Church was moved to rear of later church on Douty Street where it is used as chapel.

Residence of Newspaper Editor Frank L. Dodge in Hanford

Mr. Dodge in buggy in front of large frame residence which was located at 632 Douty Street.

Hanford Post Office During Construction

Workers in front of post office building.