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Camping in Yosemite Valley

Five people doing camp chores with tent and buggy in background.

Horse Show on 6th Street, Hanford

Large group of horses in street with various carts, buggies and other rigs. Spectators near buildings.

Park House in Lemoore

Buggies, horseback rider and others in front of two-story Park House Hotel. Man, Emil Kreyenhagen, and his daughter, Gertrude, standing in front of building. Child, Gertrude Kreyenhagen, born October 4, 1885; 3 years old in photograph.

Judging Cattle at Kings County Fairgrounds

Cattle being led on track. Spectators behind fence.

Bridge Over Two Canals

Horse and buggy crossing bridge over canals. Location may be near Laton.

4th of July Parade, Lemoore

Wes Esrey, Grand Marshall, leading parade with band.

Sixth Street in Hanford

Horsedrawn vehicles in front of businesses on unpaved street.

Pioneer Store in Kingston

Wagons and people in front of small store. (identifications on photo)

Residence of Newspaper Editor Frank L. Dodge in Hanford

Mr. Dodge in buggy in front of large frame residence which was located at 632 Douty Street.