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Fishing on Kings River

Group on bank of river.

Dam at Head of People's Ditch

Two men in boat at base of long dam with water flowing over top.

Dredge Working in Dutch John Cut

Dredge pumping water out of canal. Crew on dredge and another man on land. High bank in background.

Children Exploring Levee Washout

Children near washout of levee. Some boys have weapons. One on horseback. Location is above headgate of Last Chance Ditch. Two identifications on photo.

Working on Dredging Project, Kings County

Seven men standing on sandy bank of large irrigation channel. This is identified as head of Dutch John Cut connecting Cole Slough and Kings River. Identifications of 5 on photo

Dredging Dutch John Cut in Kings County

Man on dredge working on making cut between Cole Slough and Kings River.

Dredge at Head of Dutch John Cut, Kings County

Three men on dredge with small boat alongside. Identification on photo. Cut was being made between Cole Slough and Kings River.

Building Sand Dam on Last Chance Ditch, Kings County

Teams with scrapers constructing dam. Oak forest in background.