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Juliana Bissett, Visalia Public Library, Visalia, Calif.

Probably taken in the 1950s, this photo shows Children's Librarian Juliana Bissett of the Visalia Public Library, talking to children about "Satellites Around the World." This library now is the Visalia branch of the Tulare County Library system.

Librarian using card catalog

Shows librarian Mila De Laveaga using card catalog, with Celina Peters watching; at Kern County Library headquarters, then located in the basement of the Kern County Courthouse, torn down in 1953. A subsequent courthouse was built at the site in…

First use of auditorium by staff in second Beale Memorial Library

Front row, left to right: Clement "Clemie" Lilburn (secretary), librarian Mila De Laveaga, librarian Miss Eleanor Wilson; second row, Miss Betty Jo Peterson, Miss Mary Corbitt, Lois Rainey; five rows back, aisle seat, Miss Irene Branham, Children's…

Eleanor Wilson with bust of General Edward Fitzgerald Beale

Librarian Eleanor Wilson poses beside bust of General Beale, at the second Beale Memorial Library, on the day that the library's name was changed from Kern County Central Library to Beale Memorial Libary: June 2, 1966. She wears pioneer dress for…

Eleanor Wilson, Mila De Laveaga, and Ben Evans at Kern County Library

Shows library staff in an office of the Kern County Library Headquarters, then located in the Kern County Courthouse basement