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White Rock School, circa 1890

Forty-seven students and others standing and seated beside White Rock School, Mariposa County, circa 1890; Stella Smith Cunningham, second row, third from left; Augustus Conway Smith, school trustee, back row, second from left; Josephine James Smith,…

Trabucco Store, Mount Bullion

Front of Trabucco Store in Mount Bullion, Calif.; with one person on porch of building, and four horses and wagon with two passengers in street.

Camp Bootjack, 1912

Distant overview of buildings and surrounding hillsides of Camp Bootjack, Calif.; caption handwritten on photograph: "Camp Bootjack, CCC Co. 1912, Mariposa, Calif."

Hornitos old-timers, 1890

Sixteen men and one dog standing and seated in front of Hornitos Saloon, Hornitos, Calif., 1890; names listed left to right, first row, second row (presumed to be bottom row, top row).

Hornitos Hotel

Front and side view of the three-story Hornitos Hotel in Hornitos, Calif.; built 1860, torn down 1950.

Mount Bullion Hotel

Front and side view of the two-story Mount Bullion Hotel in Mount Bullion, Calif.; with four horses and riders in the street.

Mormon Bar

Distant view of the settlement of Mormon Bar, first mined in 1849 by members of the Mormon Battalion; two miles south of Mariposa, Calif. on old stage route to Wawona and Yosemite.


Panoramic view of the town of Coulterville, Calif., from the south.

Agua Fria Mill, 1859

Distant view of Agua Fria Mill buildings and nearby hills and meadow, 1859, Agua Fria, Calif.; copy of Watkins' salt print.

Oso House, Bear Valley, 1879

Front and side view of the two-story Oso House hotel, 1879, Bear Valley, Calif.; with people standing and seated on porches, and a horse and wagon in street.