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Hornitos old-timers, 1890

Sixteen men and one dog standing and seated in front of Hornitos Saloon, Hornitos, Calif., 1890; names listed left to right, first row, second row (presumed to be bottom row, top row).

St. Catherine's Catholic Church, Hornitos

Front of St. Catherine's Catholic Church, Hornitos, Calif., circa 1926; with about sixty-five members of local Catholic families standing out front, having received First Communion; included are people from the Guest, Cavagnaro, Marrino, Trabucco,…

Hornitos store meeting, circa 1945

Group of nine people standing and seated inside store at Hornitos, Calif., circa 1945; left to right front row, Zoera Butterfield, Grace Cavagnaro, Jennie Gagliardo, Mrs. Shockey; left to right back row, Everett Bagby, Arthur Bauer, Thomas Coakley,…

Hornitos School, circa 1911

Group of nineteen students and one adult standing beside Hornitos School, Hornitos, Calif., circa 1911; names listed as written on back of photograph (order unknown).

Hornitos School, 1950

Group of twenty-eight elementary school students and two adults standing and seated beside Hornitos School, Hornitos Calif., 1950; names listed left to right, front row first.

Hornitos Confirmation, circa 1922

Group of twenty people standing in front of building, wearing confirmation dress for St. Catherine's Catholic Church confirmation ceremony; names listed left to right; three unidentified people standing on porch of building.

Anna Biederman Bauer

Portrait of Anna Biederman Bauer; born Berne, Switzerland 1850, died in childbirth, Hornitos, Calif. 1883; married Joseph Bauer; shown standing, wearing a light-colored dress with dark trim.