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Brother and sister Pete and Pearl Carter wearing bathing suits, standing in meadow near Carter Road, Mariposa, Calif., 1924.

Seven Carter family members and a donkey, with five children riding the donkey; one girl standing and "speaking" to donkey's head, and one boy standing and "listening" through tip of donkey's tail; near log cabin on Carter Road, Mariposa, Calif.,…

Group of nine people standing and seated inside store at Hornitos, Calif., circa 1945; left to right front row, Zoera Butterfield, Grace Cavagnaro, Jennie Gagliardo, Mrs. Shockey; left to right back row, Everett Bagby, Arthur Bauer, Thomas Coakley,…

Three women standing in road beside automobile; wearing dresses, hats, and gloves; with two buildings and windmill in distance, Hornitos, Calif., 1950s; left to right, Josephine Hamilton, Leola Rogers, Hornitos postmistress, and Amelia Williams.

Six girls and one boy, wearing communion dress for First Communion ceremony, standing beside marble statue, four choir boys in distance; on the grounds of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Mariposa, Calif., 1960s; included are Rowney family children,…

Group portrait of about eighty-five high school students standing and seated on ground in front of Mariposa High School; with automobile parked beside building and hills in distance, Mariposa, Calif., 1932.

Sixteen graduating high school seniors grouped in, on and around a convertible automobile; with school building and two other automobiles in distance, Mariposa, Calif., 1932.

Group of about twenty horses and riders in a forest clearing in Yosemite Valley; North Dome in distance; circa 1920s.

Group of twenty-four school children standing and seated on rocks in forest clearing; included in group are Pearl, Pete, Harry, and George Carter; also children from the families of Eidsom, Sutton, Wackerman, and Zimmerman.
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