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View of Midland, which was 13 miles South of McKittrick; Holmes Supply Company is at left in foreground. The picture also shows a boiler plant and a small barn for buggies. The group of shade trees in the background at right mark the location of the…

Office houses among trees are in center of picture; Bunk house is in foreground at right; Homes Supply Company is farther to the right; a row of shops is behind foreground oil derrick at center; doctor's office, house, and hospital are at left;…

Shows Chanslor-Canfield-Midway's office force and workers, along with the lady cook; from the collection of Frederic Chandler Ripley, Jr.

This camp likely replaced the earlier Vernette location. Office, recreation building, and work shops are near center of picture; houses and derricks are in background. Pepper trees are alongside houses. From the collection of Frederic Chandler…

Housing for workers is at left, headquarters building is at right,at end of street.Vernette was a railroad siding three-quarters of a mile North of Fellows. From the collection of Frederic Chandler Ripley, Jr.

On November 27, 1909, gusher 2-6 came in with a roar, 2,000 barrels of oil a day, the first gusher in the Midway Valley, in Western Kern County. From the collection of Frederic Chandler Ripley, Jr.
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