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Ahwahnee Sanatorium

Ahwahnee Sanatorium circa 1955

Ahwahnee Sanatorium

Ahwahnee Sanatorium

Ahwahnee Sanatorium

Ahwahnee Sanatorium established in 1919. This picture is from 1936 after a school was added.

Swimming Pool at Stony Brook Retreat, close-up

Close-up view of swimming pool used by patients of Stony Brook Retreat, Kern County's tuberculosis facility 1928-1968

Stonybrook Retreat, with swimming pool

Panoramic view of Stony Brook Retreat, Kern County's tuberculosis facility, as it appeared in about the 1940s. Swimming pool is visible in foreground. The facility opened in 1929 and operated until about 1968

Library at Stony Brook Retreat

Shows site of library at Stony Brook Retreat, Kern County's tuberculosis hospital 1928-1968. The facility was one of 11 institutions served by the Kern County Library System at that time

Infirmary at Stony Brook Retreat

Shows section of Stony Brook Retreat used as infirmary, shortly before it opened; Stony Brook was Kern County's tuberculosis facility 1929-1968.