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Tehachapi Mountain flood

September 30, 1932, Santa Fe's Engine 3834 was derailed and completely buried in a flash flood near Woodford Station and Caliente, killing 19 people, at the junction of Tehachapi and Caliente creeks. After it was found weeks later, workers and…

Library at Stony Brook Retreat

Shows site of library at Stony Brook Retreat, Kern County's tuberculosis hospital 1928-1968. The facility was one of 11 institutions served by the Kern County Library System at that time

Felling Tree for Chicago World's Fair

Loggers on 60' high platform cutting Giant Sequoia

Loggers on Base of Giant Sequoia

Large group of men around and on base of large Giant Sequoia trees.

Mr. Nash and Friends with Car on Snowy Road

Eight men around car on mountain road covered with snow.

Converse Basiri Sawmill Buildings

Snow-covered buildings of closed sawmill with trees on nearby hills.

Guests at California Hot Springs in Tulare County

Passengers in car with bear in front seat next to driver.

Wagon Coming Through Tunnel in Giant Sequoia Tree

Group in wagon pulled by two teams. Wagon has passed through tunnel cut through tree.