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Town and Country Market after 1952 Kern County earthquake

Town and Country market, probably in Tehachapi, after 1952 Kern county earthquake

Library at Stony Brook Retreat

Shows site of library at Stony Brook Retreat, Kern County's tuberculosis hospital 1928-1968. The facility was one of 11 institutions served by the Kern County Library System at that time

Chester Avenue garage

Chester Avenue Garage, located at 2316 Chester Avenue, along with various other automotive businesses, and trucks; Chester Avenue Garage was operated by L.F. Diebel and M.B. Wittig

Bea and Louise at Richfield Station

2 women, in matching jumpsuits and caps, at Richfield service station; identified only as Bea and Louise. highway sign visible in background at left

Caminol Oil Delivery Trucks

Four men by trucks. Ned Cornelius, owner of company, second from left.

Fleet of Harvesters on Glenn Ranch in Tulare Lake Area

Row of harvesters and groups of people in field of uncut grain.

Beekeepers at Work

Truck and beekeepers near hives.

Caminol Refinery at Hanford

Aerial view of refinery, tanks, and vehicles. Name later became Beacon Oil.

Hanford Laundry

Laundry and dry cleaning plant on Seventh Street in Hanford with delivery vehicles and employees in front of building. Freeman Richardson was the owner.