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Main Street, Visalia, California, in the flood of 1955-56. Pictured are Tom's furniture store, and the Lucky Auto Supply Store, on the corner of Main and Garden Streets. In the background are the Grand Theater and (on the corner of Main and Church…

This is the hotel in Auckland, Tulare County, CA, in 1888. Built by Commodore Murray and William Stousland, it was sold to Thomas Nighbert in the 1890s. Nighbert was an Auckland resident. It was sold in 1897 to Con Harrington and Keoke.

Muriel Billing, daughter of the first library custodian, stands outside the Tulare County Library, Alpaugh branch, in 1917. The 24' x 30' library was erected in 1913 by the Alpaugh Library Association with subscriptions of $10.00 per member.

Picture of Mechanicsville Elementary School, built in 1916 by Bill Samson and Son at the intersection of Tollhouse and Pittman Hill roads near Auberry, Calif. Shows Shotgun architectural style. This was the second schoolhouse building to service the…

Picture of Lerona Elementary School, located 10 miles east of Auberry, Calif., on San Joaquin and Eastern Railroad siding. The Lerona District was created in 1923 and was later annexed by the Big Sandy District, which later incorporated into the…
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