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Child swimming in irrigation canal.

Oil wells with hills in background. One of the wells is gushing.

Scaffolding on side of 3-story masonry building as 4th floor is being added to Hanford Opera House. This wooden 4th-story burned in 1928 fire. Kutner-Goldstein department store on left and Artesia Hotel on right. Construction workers and equipment as…

Wood frame school building located at the southeast intersection of Seventh and Fargo Avenues. Eureka School District was formed August 3, 1874. It became part of Kit Carson Union School District in 1949-1950.

Exterior of two-story wood frame school with teachers and students outside. School was located on Fourteenth Avenue near Hanford-Armona Road; it would now be between Walker Street and Hood Avenue on 14th Avenue. School District, predecessor of Armona…

Gymnasium filled with furniture pieces made by High School students in woodworking class.

California State Fair of 1930. Exhibit of furniture made by Hanford Union High School students. Awarded First Sweepstakes and Feature Exhibit Trophy.

Two teams of horses pulling float with large banner. Hanford Ice Company plant in background.

Laundry and dry cleaning plant on Seventh Street in Hanford with delivery vehicles and employees in front of building. Freeman Richardson was the owner.

Original three-story brick Opera House with Keller's Pharmacy on corner of Seventh and Irwin Streets.
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