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Shows destruction of Radio Electric dealer's brick building in Tehachapi after 1952 earthquake; from Clyde Johnson's collection

View of downtown Bakersfield, including automobiles; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

Shell gas station, sharing building with Sherry's store; located on Northwest corner of Roberts Lane and North Chester Avenue

Hotel Lebec, constructed 1921, at its peak mid-1920s through mid-1930s. It was burned down in 1971.George Haberfelde had an automobile business in Bakersfield in the 1920s.Sanctuary of the Pines was a tree preserve near Lebec.

Gas station with sign for OK Auto Camp, advertising tourist cabins for hire, located at Roberts Lane and Oildale Drive

Chester Avenue at 19th Street; J.C. Penney building and "rain bird" sign on top of nearby building visible on left

Shows Ben Franklin store, Comet dime store, McMahan's Furniture, Snider's, and a drug store, along with automobiles; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

Caption on back of picture: 1938-1939, Glenn Burd's mother, Hotel Lebec, 1928 car

Morris' was founded by Harry Morris, whose son Mervyn launched the Mervyn's chain of stores, which now is a division of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, Minneapolis; from collection of Mel Baughman. Store located at 11th Avenue and Main Street

Shows Main Street Market, Spacke's Texaco service station at Curry and G Street, and other Tehachapi businesses after 1952 Kern County earthquake
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