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Town and Country market, probably in Tehachapi, after 1952 Kern county earthquake

Shows destruction of Radio Electric dealer's brick building in Tehachapi after 1952 earthquake; from Clyde Johnson's collection

Shows Main Street Market, Spacke's Texaco service station at Curry and G Street, and other Tehachapi businesses after 1952 Kern County earthquake

Two-story brick building, probably damaged in the 1952 Arvin-Tehachapi earthquake. Doors near center of picture contain sign "Hotel Maricopa." To the left, a window contains the signs "Vegetables, Fruits." To the right, a window contains the sign…

Economy Mercantile, and other Tehachapi businesses, after the 1952 Kern County earthquake

Shows hotel and other businesses, on Green Street in Tehachapi, damaged by the 1952 Kern County earthquake

Earthquake-damaged businesses on Chester Avenue, near 21st Street; includes Western-Gamble Auto Supply, Gil's Cafe, and Clinton Clothes

Smashed car, and people observing, in aftermath of Kern County earthquake; near railroad tracks, probably in Tehachapi

Scaffolding in front of building damaged by 1952 Bakersfield earthquake shows various signs: Eastern, open; Entrance, Brower Bldg.; Eastern's entire store open for business; Eastern, open, tunnel entrance.

Shows jeweler's, beauty salon, and other Arvin businesses damaged by the 1952 earthquake
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