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Photos of a bridge and street scenes of Kingston.

The south fork bridge on that fork of the Kaweah River in Three Rivers, CA, was destroyed by the December 1955 flood.

Photo taken 26 January 1914 during Kings River overflow near Reedley, California. People are viewing the damage caused by the flood. Message on the back of the card says the new bridge was near the Reedley cemetery. The Fresno Morning Republican of…

The flooded Traver Road Bridge located one mile south of Kingsburg, California. Photo taken 26 January, 1914 during Kings River overflow. The Fresno Morning Republican of this date reported the "Kings River at the highest point in 50 years" and…

Picture of the flooded bridge over the Kings River near Reedley, California, taken January 26, 1914. The Kings River had historic floods in 1914, 1951, and 1959, damaging buildings and killing animals. Flooding occurs when the tremendous amount of…

Left to right: George Whitaker, attorney; Austin Foster Stoner (1862-1915); Mr. Herpel. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan, great-granddaughter of Austin Foster Stoner.

Thought to be automobile agent Benjamin L. Brundage standing on bridge, with other men standing below level of bank, with small waterfall; this picture was mounted on a Christmas postcard of a style popular circa 1910
Log suspended across river, with people standing and sitting on log (bridge) and on nearby rocks; A.H. Spelt second from left.
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