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Horse-drawn fire department hose wagon from about 1907, in Bakersfield Centennial parade; seated at front of wagon, beside man wearing hat, is Robert Prenter, a Kern county Assemblyman during the late 1990s.The parade was on January 10.

Golden Empire Transit (GET) bus, painted for the Bakersfield Centennial celebration, in parade. Secured to front of bus is a vintage bicycle from the era between 1870 and 1900.Parade was on January 10.

Bakersfield Centennial parade float, featuring an oversized chick, just turning the corner from 19th Street downtown.The parade was on January 10.

1920s fire engine, in Bakersfield Centennial parade; fire-extinguisher cylinders visible on side of vehicle.The parade was on January 10.

Vintage automobile being driven in parade; nameplate on side of vehicle identifies it as 1926 Ford Roadster, owned by George and Myrtle McNeal; picture taken near 19th and L Streets downtown.Parade was on January 10.

Shows a 1910 EMF automobile being driven in the Bakersfield Centennial parade downtown; driver and passengers wear period clothes.The parade was on January 10.

1904 Rambler being driven in Bakersfield Centennial parade; driver and passengers wearing period clothing.The parade was on January 10.

Two children in period costume hold up banner which reads "A Moment in Time, Bakersfield Centennial 1898-1998, Celebrating 100 years of the people, culture, and history of Bakersfield." They are followed by a U.S. Marine Corps color guard.The paradeā€¦
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