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David Chan is seen here at a Shriners' meeting.

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Davis Chan sitting in front of a pyramid of Chinese grapefruit.

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Victor Chan and employee Deming Leong sit on the market truck in front of Chan Brothers Market during the 1955 flood. The market was located at 115 North Locust Street, Visalia, California.

The Wong family poses in front of the sign at the entrance to Sequoia National Park. Pictured are (left to right): bottom row, Roger Wong, Pamela Wong, Nora Wong, Grace Wong, Irene Wong, and Shuisan San Wong. Top row: Victor Wong, Clara Chan, and…

Shui San Chan, wife of David Chan of Visalia, California, is pictured with a 1957 Corvette owned by her son, Victor.

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Daisy Joe Fung and Ruby Joe Chan at home in 1913.

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Shown are the Chan Bros. Market truck and employees in flood of 1955 in downtown Visalia, CA.
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