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Gay Chan with Lawrence and Linda Chan

Gay Chan with son Lawrence and daughter Linda are pictured (in 1947) sitting on the running board of a Chan Brothers Market pickup. The market was located in Visalia, California.

David Chan in the market in Farmersville

David Chan at the cash register of Chan's Food Center in Farmersville, California.

Victor Chan and Deming Leong

Victor Chan and employee Deming Leong sit on the market truck in front of Chan Brothers Market during the 1955 flood. The market was located at 115 North Locust Street, Visalia, California.

Frank and Taye Abe at Abel Ranch Market

Frank Abe and his wife Taye at the Abel Ranch Market in Visalia, California.

Chan Bros. Market Truck in Flood of 1955, Visalia, Calif.

Shown are the Chan Bros. Market truck and employees in flood of 1955 in downtown Visalia, CA.

Arvin businesses after 1952 earthquake

Photo taken after 1952 earthquake shows damaged brick and plasterwork along Third Street in Arvin, between cafe and Quality Market. Mobil service station is visible at far right.From collection of Clyde Johnson

Arvin Pool Cafe and Quality Market

Damaged Arvin Pool Cafe and Quality Market buildings in Arvin after the 1952 earthquake.