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Residential Gardens in Kings county

Pictures of front yard shots of houses and backyard gardens. Also includes group/family pictures of the residents.

Group Photos Part 1: Various Occasions.

Photos of people in groups of many different social events.

Students of Lamont School

The children of Lamont school, who participated in a rat-feeding project to learn about nutrition. The project was supervised by Mrs.Pruitt, Health teacher at Lamont, and Public Health Nurse Mrs. Adams.

Group picture, with Viola Stoner

Viola Stoner of Bakersfield, born March 1888, daughter of Austin Foster T. Stoner, stands second from right in top row, in front of brick building; possibly school class picture. Viola Stoner is the grandmother of Gaye Lenahan, who donated several…

Group picture, with Doris Stoner

Children standing outside building, possibly a school; Doris Stoner (born July 1895, daughter of Austin Foster Stoner) is in front row, exactly in the middle, in dark dress with tie

Foxtail Rangers at Fort Tejon

A Bakersfield group calling themselves the Foxtail Rangers removed the bark from the Lebec Oak in 1889 and found the previously-obscured inscription regarding the death of Peter Lebec. In 1890 they found a body,assumed to be Peter Lebec, in the same…

Delano High School teacher with nephews

Mary Salber, English teacher at Delano High School, with her nephews Dick & John Snyder

Delano High School Concert's featured instrumentalists

Musicians performing in May 6 Spring music show "Serenade to Music" at Delano High School, left to right: Douglas Chumley, percussion; Alan Fuerbringer, string bass; Sammy Thompson, tuba; Nancy Gracia, glockenspiel. Tickets were 50 cents each. The…

Delano First Baptist Church Pastor Reed, with others

Left to right: Dr. Floyd Reed, pastor of First Baptist Church in Delano; Dr. Reed's wife; Jewel Sharp; Mary Osner; and Ettie Boyles