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Kings County Class Photos Vol.3

Photos of classes from Kings County.

Toltec School

Students standing in front of Toltec school, which was founded in 1910 and later became First Congregational Church of Oildale

Third-grade picture of Viola Stoner and classmates

Viola Stoner (daughter of Austin Foster Stoner) is in middle front row, in white dress. Viola Stoner is the grandmother of Gaye Lenahan, who donated several family pictures of the Stoner family.

Students of Lamont School

The children of Lamont school, who participated in a rat-feeding project to learn about nutrition. The project was supervised by Mrs.Pruitt, Health teacher at Lamont, and Public Health Nurse Mrs. Adams.

Rat feeding project at Rosedale School

The students of Rosedale School show off the rats used in their project.The experiment was designed to teach the value of good nutrition.

Rat feeding project at Arvin Migratory School

The rat feeding experiment was one of several at various Kern County schools. Its purpose was to teach children the value of good nutrition.

Petroleum School

Students standing in front of Petroleum School, which was established in 1910 near the Kern River oil field North of Bakersfield; oil derricks are visible in background

Miss Wieser's second-grade class, including Mariella Laidley

Mariella Laidley, age 7, is in front row, fifth from left, wearing plaid dress. Mariella was the daughter of Bakersfield lawyer William W. Laidley and Viola Stoner Laidley. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan, daughter of Mariella Laidley.

Learning about nutrition at Annette School

Caption of picture: "Nutrition information is carried to the far corners of the county." Annette was located near the Kern County line.

Class picture, with Doris Stoner

School group picture, including Doris Marie Stoner, daughter of Austin Foster Stoner, born July 1895. Doris Stoner is in the third standing row (counting from ground level), second to the left from the teacher.