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Picking oranges at the Morioka farm

Workers pick oranges at the Marioka farm in 1930. Included in the photo are Alice (center left) and (center right) Mary Morioka.

James Nitta in group photo

James Nitta (top row, third from right) in a group photo taken in Ivanhoe, California, in 1939.


Uota Farms near Ivanhoe, California

A truck with filled packing boxes waits at Uota Farms near Ivanhoe, California, in 1939.

Picking peas at Morioka Farms

Alice Suyeda (foreground left) and Nancy Morioka picking peas at Morioka Farm near Ivanhoe, California, 1950. In the background are Kinuyo Morioka (left) and Yoshikazu Morioka.

Mitsuyaki Uota farm in Ivanhoe, California, farm

Rows of hot caps protect young plants on the Mitsuyaki Uota farm near Ivanhoe, California. The photo was taken in the spring of 1939.

Hasebe family in Ivanhoe, California

Hasebe family in Ivanhoe, California, November 1968. Pictured (left to right) are: Ikuko Hasebe (Micheal's mother), Sawano Yamashita (Aiko Hasebe's mother), Steven Hasebe, Randall Hasebe and Aiko.

Hatakeda family in Ivanhoe

Hatakeda family in their Ivanhoe, California, garden in 1935 or 1936.

Packing Grapes at the J. D. Martin Ranch, Tulare County, Calif.

Women are shown packing grapes at the J. D. Martin Ranch on Road 172, north of Ivanhoe in Tulare County, CA, in 1953.

Family Picnic, Ivanhoe, Calif., ca 1932

A Japanese-American family picnics in a field in the foothills near Ivanhoe, CA, probably about 1932.