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Yoshikazu Morioka, pictured in the front row far left, poses with members of the Tulare, California, "Cottonwood" baseball team. The team's manager, S. G. Sakamoto, is seen at the far left of the top row.

Girls' Day in 1935. Mary (left) and Alice Morioka are in traditional Japanese dress. They are standing beside a display of Japanese dolls and other figures.


Workers pick oranges at the Marioka farm in 1930. Included in the photo are Alice (center left) and (center right) Mary Morioka.

Mike Suyeda slides down the slide as his grandfather, Yoshikazu Morioka, watches. The photo was taken at Mooney Grove Park, Visalia, California, in 1948.

Alice Suyeda (foreground left) and Nancy Morioka picking peas at Morioka Farm near Ivanhoe, California, 1950. In the background are Kinuyo Morioka (left) and Yoshikazu Morioka.

James Morioka (left) Tom Yoshikazu, and two unidentified boys pose beside a 1930's sedan near Three Rivers, California.


Rintaro and Tsura Morioka at their home in Hiroshima, Japan. The photo was taken in 1940.

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A group of students at a Japanese university. Yoshikazu Morioka is pictured in the front row, far right, in this 1915 photo.

The Friant-Kern Canal was constructed along the east side if the San Joaquin Valley. Here, equipment digs the canal through part of the Marioka farm in 1945 or 1946.

The Morioka family is gathered in this photo taken in 1934. From left to right are: (front row) James, Tsuru, Mary, Rintaro and Alice. Kinuyo and Yoshikazu are standing.


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