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Uota Farms near Ivanhoe, California

A truck with filled packing boxes waits at Uota Farms near Ivanhoe, California, in 1939.

Mitsuyaki Uota farm in Ivanhoe, California, farm

Rows of hot caps protect young plants on the Mitsuyaki Uota farm near Ivanhoe, California. The photo was taken in the spring of 1939.

Digging the Friant-Kern Canal on the Morioka farm

The Friant-Kern Canal was constructed along the east side if the San Joaquin Valley. Here, equipment digs the canal through part of the Marioka farm in 1945 or 1946.

Swimming at Slick Rock, Tulare County

Group on rocks near turbulent stream.

Felling Tree for Chicago World's Fair

Loggers on 60' high platform cutting Giant Sequoia

Mr. Nash and Friends with Car on Snowy Road

Eight men around car on mountain road covered with snow.

Guests at California Hot Springs in Tulare County

Passengers in car with bear in front seat next to driver.