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Daisy Joe Fung is standing on the running board of a touring car. The photo was taken at the Tagus Ranch in 1917. Also pictured is an early Caterpillar tractor.

Women are shown packing grapes at the J. D. Martin Ranch on Road 172, north of Ivanhoe in Tulare County, CA, in 1953.

This man is disking the cover crop in an olive grove at the Harold Shawl Ranch near Woodlake, CA.

View of a ranch at Granite Station, located 12 miles Southwest of Glennville; served as a stagecoach station

Workers outside barn. Processed turkeys taken to Huron for rail shipment.

Horses near canal with fenced area with haystacks.

Threshing machinery, crew and animals in field. Man on engine identified.
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