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A 1920 scene at the corner of K (later Van Ness) and Tuolumne streets looking south along the 1300 block of K Street. The Woodman of the World (W.O.W.) Building is the first building on the left. A map of the period shows the W.O.W. Hall on the…

The intersection of K (now Van Ness) and Tulare streets in 1888 as seen from atop the Court House. A map of the period indicates the two story building on the corner is the Southern Pacific Hotel.

Photo of intersection of L Street and Fresno Street with the Southern Methodist Church on the corner. Mill Ditch visible on Fresno Street in front of the church. This irrigation ditch was built in 1878 by Moses J. Church to power his Champion Flour…

A 1920's Fresno street scene viewed from the corner of Van Ness and Tulare. To the right is the U.S. Post Office with the Patterson Block further up the street. The tall building in the background is the Bank of Italy building, constructed in 1918 at…

Coalinga, California, with a view of the Sierras as a backdrop. Oil well operations can be seen in the distance. Peak years of the oil boom were 1909, 1910, and 1911 in this area. The 1910 census credited the city with a population of 4,199.

Holiday street scene of 1920's Fulton Street looking north from the corner of Fulton and Kern streets. The J.C. Penney store seen in the left foreground on the corner of Fulton and Kern. Beyond the J.C. Penney store is the five story Radin & Kamp…
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