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Automobiles waiting for L.A. Business Man Special train

Scaffolding on side of 3-story masonry building as 4th floor is being added to Hanford Opera House. This wooden 4th-story burned in 1928 fire. Kutner-Goldstein department store on left and Artesia Hotel on right. Construction workers and equipment as…

Laundry and dry cleaning plant on Seventh Street in Hanford with delivery vehicles and employees in front of building. Freeman Richardson was the owner.

Horse-drawn oil tank wagon and four men standing in street.

Exterior of Cousins Tractor Company, and Cousins-Howland Auto Company, originally the Imperial Garage, later became Davies Machinery. Building on 7th Street was converted to furniture store which burned down in 2001.

Rubble after fire that destroyed Kutner-Goldstein department store, also called Emporium. Opera House in background.

Men on large haystack unloading hay lifted by derrick. Wagons of hay and automobile nearby.

Woman and two children next to automobile with oil fields in background. Taller girl is Susie Tagawa from Hanford. Tagawa family visited friends in Coalinga.

Man, woman and two children in front of Kings Laundry. Automobile nearby. Laundry opened 1910 and is still operated by Tagawa family member.
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