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Parade in downtown Bakersfield at time of World War II, showing men in uniform marching at Eye Street, looking North from 17th Street

Victory parade after World War II, showing men in uniform going past Strauss', Kirby's, and Leed's places of business; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

Original Beale Memorial Library building, named for Edward Fitzgerald Beale. Opened in 1900, damaged in 1952 earthquake and no longer in existence; located at Northwest corner of 17th Street and Chester Avenue. Vine-covered reading-room pergola is…

Campaign banner, "Franklin D. Roosevelt for President," hanging across Chester Avenue, downtown Bakersfield; from collection of Harlan Curnow

Downtown Bakersfield, showing Kress building and a drug store, across the street from each other; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

View of Garces circle, with statue of Father Garces, early Catholic missionary and Franciscan priest; from the collection of Harlan Curnow

Front row, left to right: Clement "Clemie" Lilburn (secretary), librarian Mila De Laveaga, librarian Miss Eleanor Wilson; second row, Miss Betty Jo Peterson, Miss Mary Corbitt, Lois Rainey; five rows back, aisle seat, Miss Irene Branham, Children's…

Librarian Eleanor Wilson poses beside bust of General Beale, at the second Beale Memorial Library, on the day that the library's name was changed from Kern County Central Library to Beale Memorial Libary: June 2, 1966. She wears pioneer dress for…
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