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Joe family portrait taken in Tulare, California in 1913. Pictured are (left to right): Mary Joe, Jennie Joe Wong, Ling Joe, and baby Yow Joe. Family is in traditional dress.

Ling and Mary Joe pose for their wedding photo in 1888. The photo was taken in Tulare, Califoria, where Ling Joe first settled in 1886. He opened a small restaurant in the 100 block of East Tulare Avenue. Chan Sing Toy was a picture bride who becameā€¦

Sixteen men and one dog standing and seated in front of Hornitos Saloon, Hornitos, Calif., 1890; names listed left to right, first row, second row (presumed to be bottom row, top row).

Young Tulare County women pose while residing in an internment camp during World War II.

The Joe family posed in front of Mary Joe's Cafe in Tulare, California. Pictured are (left to right): Mary (Mrs. Ling Joe), Yow Joe, Yow Joe's son David, Bing, the chef, and Wing (son of Jennie Joe Wong).

Daisy Joe Fung posed with a mirror.

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Court Smith, Warden of Folsom Prison, and Mary Joe. Smith was Tulare County Sheriff at one time.

Daisy Joe at the local Ford dealership in 1925.

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W. C. Wyatt (third from right) and Daisy Joe (right) at the Fresno Fair in 1913.
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