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Man and boy near row of tents. Camp location given as on Kings Lake Shore Railroad.

Left to right: Reginald "Reg," Stoner, born 1889, Lorraine "Lefty" Stoner, born 1890, sons of Austin Foster Stoner; also date palms and umbrella trees in front of courthouse. Fence is made of iron chain and brick. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan,…

Children near washout of levee. Some boys have weapons. One on horseback. Location is above headgate of Last Chance Ditch. Two identifications on photo.

Two barbers with customers in chairs; children looking in window from street.

Group and buggy in front of small frame house. Man in buggy is Peter Sarmento. Woman is Anna T. (Silveira) Sarmento; they were married in 1881. Child in buggy is Charlie C. Sarment (born June 18, 1891). The children along the fence are, from left,…

Blackhorse Jones and boy (his grand-nephew, Randolph Rhoads) at elaborate burial plot that he prepared over several years.

Group seated on grass with food on large ground cloth. Some identications on photo.

Women in parlor with young African-American boy seated in center of room.
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